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Revolving on a concept of patterns and repetitions, Marble Medleys is modelled with the potential to create highly customised and distinctive designs. In dogged pursuit of accuracy, our expert artisans ensure each piece is precisely handcrafted to fit and form a tile, making it quick and convenient to install. Just like a piece of marble asks for care and attention, Marble Medleys needs the same. No additional aftercare is required other than the tasteful selection of patterns and colours!

We’ve begun this journey to rediscover the charm and craft of natural stone flooring while providing customisation possibilities. With our uniquely curated patterns and their respective series, the possibilities are endless with each result being truly bespoke.


Some USPs of Marble Medleys:

  • Standard size of 200mm x 200mm

  • Thickness of 6mm to 8mm

  • Unique output

  • Innumerable pattern permutations and colour combinations

  • Crafted by hand individually

Categorised in Series, read more for a detailed understanding:

Marble Handmade Tiles












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