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Decorative Concrete, simple and quick to install, bestows an extremely sophisticated effect with great architectural value through cement based finishes that are created by hand. Capable of adapting to any surface, it can be seamlessly coated on floors, walls, ceilings, bathrooms, terraces, facades, furniture, etc.

With minimum thickness (1 to 2.5mm) and high adhesion, Concrete Works has the perfect decorative solution to avoid noisy works. The product also ensures maximum functionality and aesthetic!


Some USPs of Concrete Works’ decorative concrete:

  • Seamless application

  • Does not crack

  • Adds only a 1mm to 2.5mm layer over the existing surface

  • Can be used for walls, floors, furniture, exteriors, and others

  • Needs no curing; ready to use in 3 to 10 days

  • Multiple colour possibilities

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