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An enterprise of

"handmade is about people and the magic of their dedication!"

We live in a time where the world is constantly evolving. Mass productions have led to sacrifice in quality for speed and individuality for generalisation. However, with such abundance of heritage and artistry around us, it seems futile to mindlessly chase after short-term trends. Machines may have a lead, but craftsmanship is irreplaceable!

Promoting this craftsmanship, Design Quarry yearns to bring handcrafted skills to the spotlight. Proud to be rooted in traditional crafts, materials, and ideas, we put to use technology the right way – to uplift the craft. Every product product – CONCRETE WORKS, HANDCRAFTED INLAYS, and MARBLE MEDLEYS – from our stable is unique and bespoke, just like a quarry presents a unique stone in every excavation.

Have a look for yourself!

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