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Parchin Kari, today known as inlay, has weathered wars, civilisations, reigns, and new lands solely because of its resilient workmanship. Design Quarry joins hands with expert craftsmen to revive the traditional art of inlay.

Inlay is famously seen interlacing beauty and lending opulence to the makrana white marble of the Taj Mahal. Earlier known as Pietra Dura (Italian) and Parchin Kari (Persian), inlay covers a range of techniques for inserting and precisely matching pieces of thinly sliced, often contrasting and coloured, materials into depressions in a base object to create eye-catching patterns. The skill for this delicate and laborious process commands precision, patience, and perfection.


Some USPs of Handcrafted Inlays:

  • Customisable art

  • Numerous colour possibilities

  • Fit in the plane of the base surface

  • Cannot be restrained by size or scale

  • Traditional art; cannot be replicated by amateurs

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